With auxiliary machines
for kitchen the work
is made easier
thanks to their power, resistance
and constant innovation given by
the continuing technical

Functionality and high resistance.

All the help without any problems

The technical features of our product range, commercialized under the trademark “Agustoni Duplex”, ensure ease of use and maintenance, cost efficiency and most of all the sustainability of operating costs.

The design and the artisanal care of particulars enable to satisfy the most demanding requirements of end-users. The range includes: potato peelers, multi-purpose peelers, machines for cleaning shellfish, kitchen power drive units with interchangeable attachments, planetary mixers, turbo liquidisers on trolley, pot cleaning machines, vegetable washers-spin dryers, vegetable spin dryers, recessed food waste disposers, free-standing food waste disposers and a wide choice of optional accessories at the service and completion of the above mentioned product lines. The whole product range is manufactured in conformity with the CE rules in terms of hygiene, food and active-passive safety.