since 1916
the symbol of
the real
“Made in Italy”
in the world
of the dynamic
preparation in
professional kitchens.

Performances, accuracy & reliability 

The great experience achieved throughout the years, transferred in production through skills and professionalism of the highly specialized technical staff, enables our company to propose a range of products and services of high quality, great reliability and durability.

What distinguishes us moreover and it is guarantee of our constant success through time, is represented by the punctual respect of the rules in terms of hygiene, food and safety, not only as regards the manufactured equipment, commercialized under the trademark “Agustoni Duplex”, but also for the manufacturing processes and the continuous innovation, in addition to the accurate design and the user-friendliness, thanks to the respect of ergonomic principles and the attention paid to energy saving and environmental protection. The certification of the Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001 attests and constantly places our company at the highest levels of excellence in terms of quality of the organization, of the products, of the manufacturing processes and the after-sales services.